Saturday, March 27, 2004

Johnny Bacardi has it together. 

He's got his reviews for the week up, and I quote this from his review of The Losers (whom he names best comic of the week, for he is sane and wise):

Diggle deftly weaves in a lot of great character interaction. [...] It can't be an easy thing to come up with such a complicated storyline [...] with sharp dialogue and even humor in places, [...] and not have it devolve into a jumbled mess. If it was, then more people would be doing it. Artist Jock is doing a great job of giving us what we need to maximise the depth of Diggle's script, with his jagged, heavily black-spotted ink style and random perspective shots- and the cover for this issue is modestly brilliant.

Yeah, I was kind of infatuated with that cover, too.

Why the FUCK aren't you buying this book yet?

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