Tuesday, March 30, 2004

It bears repeating. 

Seen it twice over now, on Fanboy Rampage and Warren Ellis's mailing list, but it still bears more repeating.

Jamie Rich is mad about the state of the industry. He's mad about the dominance of the Big Two and what they choose to do with that dominance. Don't dismiss the column offhand (like I did, at first) just because it's got some gripey things to say about the JLA.

Oh...what’s that? I can feel the rumbling now. I am a superhero hater. I obviously don’t get it. I hate the direct market. I don’t understand.

No, you’re wrong, I do understand. I understand that there are a lot of people in this industry--fans, retailers, creators, publishers--who see the full potential for the industry, for the art, and who want more. It’s like the old Smiths song--these comics say nothing to me about my life. And when you consider the return of He-Man, the X-Men putting back on their colorful costumes, or Claremont and Byrne doing JLA to be a progressive move, I’d counter that it’s you who don’t get it. This is why the real world writes comics off as trash, because that’s all we expect from ourselves.

Right on. And this, on the tail of hearing some grumblings (under "Marvel Legends") about Marvel bringing back artists and writers recognizable "if you're over thirty"...

Smell that? That was the sweet, sweet promise of the late 90's being cashed in on more of the same old shit.

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