Friday, March 26, 2004

I give in to peer pressure. 

Everyone else is talking about it, and it's interesting anyway.

Marc-Oliver Frisch talks about DC's sales numbers in 2004.

The Losers, Birds of Prey and The Monolith aren't where they should be, numbers-wise. Are you responsible?

And this bit, after looking at the numbers for Thundercats and Lobo Unbound:

Eighties nostalgia is dead. These numbers started out well, but the drops should have gotten smaller by now.

Thank God.

Anyway. It's kind of interesting to see what sales numbers DC supports that Marvel would never, ever prop up. I can't decide if this is bad business sense or simple bravery from DC. I amgreatful that a lot of these titles, that'd be cancelled in a heartbeat over at the House of Whatever, are allowed to run their course. Bless ya, DC, for being the conservative, stable place that you are.

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