Tuesday, March 30, 2004

I Am Cassaday 

So there's this Humanoids thing coming out with John Cassaday providing the art.

The summary is thus:

December, 1942.

The global conflict has reached a fever pitch. The Nazis are at the height of their power, but the Allies have had their first victories in Stalingrad and in the Pacific. Never has the war’s outcome been so much in doubt.

Unknown to the Allies, the Nazi’s have a secret weapon, a 10 year-old girl whose gifts could force them to their knees.

Hmm. More, from Humanoids editor Paul Benjamin:

“This is not your ordinary war story. As is clearly alluded to in John’s magnificently designed preview image, there’s a bit of a supernatural twist to things that will make this the war story to remember."

Oh. So it's a WW2 story with a supernatural edge to it. Yeah, that's not an ordinary war story at all -- it's second only to the straight war story without any elements. I certainly can't think of any other war stories out right now that have supernatural elements to them...

Maybe that's just catty, but c'mon. Taking WW2 and putting in a supernatural element is old hat for comic books. You never see a lot of that being done with, say, the Korean War or Vietnam, do you? What the hell is it about WW2, anyway? Hmm...

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