Monday, March 22, 2004

Goddamned fanboys and their goddamned numbering. 

So Bendis and Hitch are taking over Avengers, and it's a big deal for a few reasons that I thought were obvious, but apparently are not.

I'm looking at you, Broken Frontier.

First, we have this column by Jose Clemente. He states that he has a bit of a problem with this relaunch, but that his problem has nothing to do with the direction of the title. Issues such as story rehashing, tired concepts on a tired title, making Bendis the official fix-it man when his abandoning of UFF indicates he's pretty much at critical mass, that Marvel will be launching a new Avengers title on top of this one and Ultimates, even though Captain America hits the danger zone and no one seems to know what to do with Cap or with the Avengers themselves. Clemente doesn't care about that stuff.

He's bothered that they're re-starting the numbering at #1.

Wow. Talk about missing the forest for .. not even a tree, but for a little bit of undergrowth.

Graeme's a bit more on top of things. In the latest "Amuse, Confuse, or Irritate" he expresses a bit of.. melancholy? Disinterest? In the Bendis/Finch Avengers announcement. And I quote:

Now, I have to admit, as much as I may want to try and get excited about this, I can’t. It’s nothing against Bendis or Finch (although Finch draws a bit too much like Mark Silvestri for my liking. Lots of lines and very wide faces! Aiee!), just that… I don’t know. I think I’m becoming immune to Marvel’s announcements, because either we know about them so far in advance thanks to rumours (Hello Joss!), or because – as in this case – it’s just not surprising that Marvel go to Bendis to try and get some heat back on a title.

That's getting warmer.

What we have here is a big, glowing, neon sign blinking at us, and it reads "Marvel's Creative Malaise Now Officially Infects All Major Titles."

Bendis is the fixit writer for Marvel. Finch is the fixit artist for high-profile spandex people. Marvel is desperately trying to invigorate tired titles with uninspired relaunches and "event" writer/artist pairings, meanwhile announcing more books that plumb the depths of increasingly less-fertile territory. Why. The FUCK. Are they launching a brand-new Avengers title when they can't even figure out how to handle their two existing ones?

These are all very important, very serious issues that will have a greater impact on the industry as a whole in years to come.

But no. We're upset about the numbering.

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