Friday, March 19, 2004

Free Weird-Ass Comic Book Day 

July 3rd. You heard it here... second.

I'm of two minds about this setup. I'm glad there's a full spectrum of publishers (mostly), and a full spectrum of topics (somewhat), but I can't help but think it'd be awfully nice if the Big Two got involved a bit more. Maybe Marvel could have saved their Epic digest thingy to be another free comic book, or Vertigo or Wildstorm could hit us up with a nice sampler, something like the Coup D'etat afterword, in terms of form (though not content.) Showcase your art. Print out a 22-pager that shows nothing but the best works of the most talented artists your stables. Interviews with writers! Discussions about upcoming storylines! Fuck, just run a 22-page glossy full-color ad about all the cool TBPs you'll have coming out in the next 6 months!

I'm a madhouse of ideas! It's my happening and it freaks me out!

Yeah yeah yeah, I know I'm a big heretic for suggesting we see more spandex action on Free Comic Book Whatever, but it'd be nice to know the Big Two care. All they've got so far is that Marvel Age Spider-Man and Teen Titans Go. Which I suppose I'll admit aren't bad choices for FCBD, but still. We could do better, and we should strive to.

And you know.. I like Chuck Dixon and all, god bless the guy, but Jesus Tapdancing Christ:

"Superstar artist Greg Land and master of action Chuck Dixon unleash America's new living weapons in the war against terror! They bomb civilians, hurt innocents, and spread fear. But those that have chosen to inflict pain will reap what they've sown! Now, the world's modern monsters will face a new, devastating and living arsenal! Supported by the technology, muscle and brainpower of the U.S. Armed Forces, the next stage in human evolution will scour the globe and deliver justice! Lock and load for high-stakes, high-explosive military action as the enhanced soldiers code-named Ivictus and Scapel strike!"

I'd swear to fucking god that was a joke if I didn't know any better. I guess Dixon's nuttier gun-crazed side is starting to show again. Doesn't that description sound like just about everything that's crass and vulgar and stupid about comics, not to mention American society?

(At any rate, what's the difference between "bombing civilians" and "hurting innocents"? Odd choice of language; makes it sound like innocents and civilians are two seperate entities.)

I shouldn't be awake right now.

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