Monday, March 15, 2004


So maybe I'm behind, but Crystal just pointed out Metaspy to me.

The basic idea is the page refreshes every 15 seconds, and shows you the kinds of things the public at large searches for on the internet. It's like having a direct line into the collapse of Western Civilization.

Sample searches that are utterly classic:

"teen diaper"
"satellite fun card"
"setting someone up"
"setting someone up illegally" (I shit you not)
"eyeds of march"

As I said to dear Crystal, I really, really want to know what ringbones are. I suppose the person might have meant ringTONES... But the T and B are up and down from each other on the keyboard, not side by side. So that's an unlikely accidental typo.

Brilliant. Especially if you're bored to tears.

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