Saturday, March 20, 2004

Ellis, part two. 

Ken Lowery: 1) You strike me as the kind of writer who writes almost out of compulsion. You can't NOT write; it's just in your blood. Considering this (and whether or not you think it's true), do you think you'll ever consider retirement, or will you just keel over dead at the keyboard down at the pub one day? Perhaps.. tomorrow?

2) A hell of a lot of people make a hell of a lot of speculations about how you feel about the folks in the pervert suits. Most folks like to drag out the idea that you "hate" them whenever they see you sign on to do something like UFF so they can call you a hypocrite. All that's a load of crap, but there you go.

The thing is, I get the impression you rather like some of these pervert suit fellows, mostly from your writing of them. Despite calling the Authority the villains, I got the impression you genuinely liked every single one of those characters, Sparks in particular. And you sure as hell nailed Batman as well as I've seen anyone ever do, in the Night on Earth crossover with Planetary. So I ask: do you genuinely have a sneaky love for these characters, and a loathing for the writers who butcher them? Or do you have problems with the genre itself, and work your way up to the writers responsible?

Sloppy method of questioning, I know, and more resembling about five questions than two, but I figure you might like a platform to clear up some misconceptions about your attitudes toward the superhero genre.

If I'm being a jackass by asking, I have full confidence that you'll let me know.

Warren Ellis: 1) Dead at keyboard.

2) What I dislike is that the apparent majority of people involved in the American medium are totally unprepared, if not actively opposed, to thinking past the company-owned superhero. As if there were no more to comics than that, and that they actually have to be protected against original thinking.

I have no issue with good comics in any genre, just as I have no issue with good cop shows. I personally don't have any great fondness for the superhero genre, just as I have no great fondness for Westerns or musical comedies.

But I'd like it if there were more than just cop shows on TV every night, and I'd like it if there were more than just old company-owned superhero comics in comics stores.

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