Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Der Pipeline. 

Augie de Blieck Jr.'s (and that's a hell of a handle) got himself a new Pipeline up.

Of particluar interest is his plea for recognition of Dave Sim's lettering work on Cerebus, fascinating to me because I never really consider the art of lettering very much. And I'm not being sarcastic when I call it an "art," I just honestly don't know anything about it.

Also dig that Doom comic. That is comedy gold. Where do you think I got that spiffy new tagline at the top of this page?

The money quote from the column:

"Last week, three different comics written by Brian Bendis hit the stores. Two days later, a new movie written and directed by David Mamet arrived at your local movie theater. Coincidence?

Yeah, it is. However, I suddenly find myself stuttering as I talk. And using the "f" word an awful lot."

Really, do you know anyone who talks like people in Bendis books talk? Or should I say, d-do you, do you -- do you know anyone, any, anyone, who talks (what am I trying to say) who talks like people, l-l-like people do in Bendis books?

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