Friday, March 12, 2004

A dark time for the rebellion. 

I find this via diepunyhumans.

The headline is "California suspends gay marriages."

I don't have the words.

It seriously makes me want to fucking cry.

Every time a Constitutional amendment has passed that restricts freedom rather than grants it this nation has met with major disaster and (usually) bloodshed. Off the top of my head I am referring to restrictions on black men and women to vote. The restrictions on ALL women to vote. Prohibition.

I am not saying we should be "permissive" (a word that the religious right have made increasingly uglier) to every single behavior under the sun.

I am saying that it takes more effort, more strain, more pain and more strife to restrict lives than it does to free them. It is perhaps the most despicable act possible to remove happiness from the lives of others out of nothing but spite and unreasoning hatred.

This will hurt us, in the end. This stupid, silly, petty, meaningless fight to keep marriage "wholesome" (what an ignorant, laughable concept) will tear us apart. Until we are bold enough and brave enough to live up to the idea of being the Land of the Free, until we have the backbone to embrace and love those we disagree with and allow them to live on our soil rather than chasing them off, we should strip "Land of the Free" from all pertinent documents until we find our courage again. Complacency and reactionism are the enemies of liberty.

Our country is not in service to the lowest common denominator. It is not a pawn to the will of very small, very vocal special interest groups.

If you can, please contact San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom and let him know that his bravery has not been forgotten and will not go undefended.


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