Sunday, March 28, 2004

Cut it out already! 

Bit by bit, Nintendo makes the case for me buying a Gameboy SP Advance Ultra Mega Whatever-the-fuck a little stronger.

That's very pretty, right there. But I gotta ask: with comic books eating up $20-$50 a week from me, can I really afford to blow $100 on a Gameboy and then $20+ per game for it? That's another thing -- I can't believe they've got the balls to charge $20 per classic game. You know on friggin' PS2's they sell bundle packs of those games, on one CD, for $20 total. And do I really need another distraction and siphoner of disposable income?

Still. The siren call is stronger...

(Thanks to Xe for putting another nail in the coffin that is my wallet.)

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