Friday, March 19, 2004

Burster to Bubble: I'm coming for you. 

Yeah, this isn't going to go anywhere good.

IDW, I understand you're eager. You're flush with excitement over what Steve Niles does for you. You've got CSI and The Shield and any number of other TV show franchises that deal with cops and the dead bodies they create and/or investigate, but this way lies darkness, okay? You're buying expensive licenses and none of those titles are exactly ripping up the charts. Maybe I'm missing something and they're not all that expensive, buuuuut...

The spectre of bankruptcy looms over any company that spends too much too fast. Fair warning.

The whole 24 thing sounds bad, from a creative point of view. Two pages equals one hour of the plot's time? No matter what? Seems a little.. rigid, don't you think? Locking down pacing in such a way? I realize this is probably an idea that sounded brilliant and clever when the guys who wear ties to work came up with it, but unless they get really damn innovative working inside that restriction of theirs, the pacing'll be about as exciting to watch unfold as Alzheimer's patients playing softball.

Actually that sounds pretty exciting.

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