Sunday, March 14, 2004

As per my orders. 

I have been instructed (as all of you have) by Alan David Doane, one of comics' finest bloggers, to keep the memory alive about John Byrne's total insanity. The money quote from Byrne, that has since vanished:

I get no sense from [Grant] Morrison's work that he has any "love for the genre". I get the same vibe I get from [Alan] Moore -- a cold and calculated mixing of ingredients the writer knows the fans like, but to which the writer himself has no eviceral connection. Nostaligia without being nostalgic, as I have dubbed it.)

That's funny, Byrne. That's good comedy. While these guys are constantly striking out to do something dangerous, to do something risky, where every new project could see their fanbase turn on them in an instant, you're still stuck writing the fucking JLA with Chris "Nostalgia Signs My Paychecks" Claremont.

You may call your work nostalgia, Byrne, or may call it relevant or whatever the fuck you want... but all you're doing is moving known characters around a tired, utterly quantifiable field of play to produce effects that a comic book generated in you 30 years ago.

Now is that cold and calculated, or what?

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