Saturday, February 28, 2004

To spammers and programmers of adware and spyware: 

I hate you. Every week -- nay, every day -- you attempt to prove to me that the world is not in fact worth saving. You give a pretty strong case. The fact that I cannot go to most web pages without one of your ads that I will NEVER, EVER CLICK ON, NOT IN A MILLION FUCKING YEARS OR FOR A MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS popping up really, really crushes my fucking spirit sometimes.

What is it about you people? Do you have infant skulls where your hearts should be? How much of your humanity do you have to swallow to accept a paycheck for that kind of work -- all of your own, or all of your own plus some other peoples' too?

Alas, your efforts to ruin the last great frontier on Earth will not succeed. I promise you that.


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