Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Good Guy to Bad Guy: 

You lose.

Congrats to Neil Gaiman, for finally, once and for all, defeating that parasitic little has-been Todd MacFarlane. Score one for the good guys.

In the words of Gaiman himself, this case's signifigance to the larger community is thus:

"My own hopes for all this are that we've helped clarify copyright law in favour of creators (Scrivener's Error calls it a "victory for authors' rights") and helped to protect authors and artists and creators from unscrupulous publishers up the line (something that the Todd McFarlane of the early 90s, who proclaimed that Image was all about creators' rights and respect might have approved of); that we can move on and bring the existing Miracleman back legitimately into print, and that I can finish Miracleman: The Silver Age and write the concluding book, The Dark Age; and that the CBLDF (and possibly some other comics-based charities) can make some money out of all this foolishness."

Okay, so that last part about Miracleman is just the fanboy love part, but any victory in favor of creator's rights is a solid one.

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